Healthy Foods gluten free recipes app

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A colleague has just been diagnosed as celiac, so I’ve been recommending some resources to her, and it reminded me of this useful gluten free recipes iPhone app by Healthy Foods.

It costs $5.29 in the iTunes store, and while there are a lot of great recipes available for free online (such as the ones on my blog 😉 ), it is much cheaper than a recipe book, and pretty convenient when you’re not sure what to make.

It has some really nifty features as well, such as:

  • The ability to highlight favourites
  • An “Add to shopping list” option that collates ingredients, and can be emailed
  • And the ability to add your own notes against recipes

The recipes also highlight ingredients that you may need to check to ensure they don’t include any pesky gluten (e.g. cornflour).

So far I’ve made:

  • Lamb and parsley rissoles with beetroot salad
  • Lemon chicken

And both were delish!

I actually think it’s a great resource for friends and family as well, who often have the hardest time adjusting to special diets.

If you’ve tried it, or know some other great recipe apps, let me know in the comments!


Interview with gluten and lactose intolerant pro cyclist Joanne Hogan

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Okay. So this isn’t a recipe as all previous posts have been. But it is a great interview with Joanne Hogan, a professional cyclist for the Spanish Woman’s Team, Bizkaia – Durango. She has represented Australia in Europe for the last two years, and is gluten and lactose intolerant.

In this interview, Joanne talks about the difficulties she has finding suitable foods when travelling, and tips for managing her diet in other countries.

She alo includes a number of delicious meal suggestions, and some great ideas for athlete-friendly and pre and post training meals.

Read the interview with Joanne here.